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Prom Chaos: Boy Banned From Prom Due to “Vandalizing/Misbehavior”

By Jeronima Nix

As everyone knows, prom season for the Seniors is approaching all over the country.  With issues about dresses and other such things, perhaps the most vital question for many is: Who is going to be my prom date? Well for a high school senior in Hamden, Connecticut, the issue of getting a date wasn’t so bad; the real issue was how he asked his date. Because of this, he can’t even attend prom anymore.

Shelton High School senior James Tate decided to ask his friend, Sonali Rodrigues, to prom by cutting out of cardboard, “SONALI RODRIGUES WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME? HMU –TATE”  and taping it to the outside of his school. He says, “I did it to make her feel special and I feel like I accomplished that.” She said yes to him, but sadly after a short-lived celebration he was called to the principal’s office only to hear that he was banned from the prom.

With the school in an uproar, people are trying their best to help him get to prom. Many students wear “Send Tate To Prom!!” on their shirts and have even taken it to Facebook and Twitter. They created the “Let James Tate Go To The Prom” page on Facebook which has already over 25,000 likes, and there’s even a “#teamtate” thread on Twitter.

According to fellow classmates, James Tate is an all A student and what has happened is not fair. Many people believe doing community service would suffice for the “vandalizing/misbehavior” he has done, but to ban him from his own Senior Prom is going overboard. Many residents think that the school will eventually cave due to the media attention they have received. The superintendent is aware of the situation but so far he has not come out to speak about it. To view coverage on the issue go to
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