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On and Off The Field: Where Did the Time Go?

By Jeronima Nix

The field is my life…

As I start to look back at the four years I’ve spent here at Classical, I can’t help but ask so many questions. Why didn’t I do that? Why did I do that? How did I get the friends I have? Have I really changed this much? Am I really a senior at last? But the biggest question would be, how did I make it through the four years?

Like other seniors, these last few days have meant the most to me. It’s my last chance to say my goodbyes and cherish the time I have left. With finals, prom, and the field trip, most of my time is spent worrying about the little things…ha just kidding! Of course I haven’t completely given up; something I learned this year was that colleges can take back their acceptances. I can’t afford my grades going down at this point, especially with the cost of college basically doubling in recent years.

The one major thing I’m glad I did was to join Classical’s soccer team. I’ve been playing since I was three; grant it, I’m not a superstar like many girls I know but hey it’s in my blood and it’s what I do. Every year I meet new people through soccer. Many of the friends I have share my love for soccer. The friends that didn’t love soccer sure do love it now after my constant raving about the sport. I owe these four years to soccer; if I didn’t play I’m pretty sure I’d be a different person right now. Soccer shaped who I am as a person, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Being at Classical has helped me find many new ways to deal with stress; the biggest way for me was to play sports, obviously more specifically soccer. Every game, I would always forget how bad school went and was able to play my stress away. No matter what, rain or shine, we played. I had my share of wins and losses but I never lost hope.

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UEFA Champions League Champion: FC Barcelona

 Photo: Miguel Ruiz/Àlex Caparrós-FCB

Photo: Miguel Ruiz/Àlex Caparrós-FCB Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand

By Jeronima Nix

As expected the match between FC Barcelona and Manchester United was epic. Both teams came in with one goal: win the match and become champions.

The big surprise in the starting lineups was the absence of captain Puyol. Barcelona’s starting players; Victor Valdes(1), Gerard Pique(3),Javier Mascherano(14), Eric Abidal(22), Dani Alves(2), Sergio Busquets(16), Andres Iniesta(8), Xavi(6), David Villa(7), Lionel Messi(10), and Pedro(17). Barcelona’s Subs; Seydou Keita(15), Carles Puyol(5), Adriano(21), Ibrahim Afellay(20), Bojan Krkic(9), Olazábal(38), and Thiago(30).

Manchester’s starting players; Edwin van der Sar(1), Nemanja Vidic(15), Rio Ferdinand(5), Patrice Evra(3), Fabio(20), Ryan Giggs(11), Michael Carrick(16), Park Ji-Sung(13), Antonio Valencia(25), Wayne Rooney(10), and Javier “Chicharito” Hernández(14). Manchester’s Subs; Michael Owen(7), Paul Scholes(18), Darren Fletcher(24), Tomasz Kuszczak(29), Nani(17), Anderson(8), and Chris Smalling(12). 

The match started out slow as both teams gained a feel for how each would play the rest of the game. As time went by, Barca got a feel for how Manchester was going to play. Scoring the first goal at 27’ (minutes), Pedro gave Barca the advantage in the first half with a pass from Xavi.

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Japan Update: Nuclear Reactors

An aerial view of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

By Jeronima Nix

According to the facility’s owner, the nuclear reactors at Fukushima are filled with holes all over them. Tokyo Electric Power Co. said in a 225-page document, submitted to Japan’s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, that the holes may be as big as seven to ten centimeters (2.8- 3.9 inches). In the report, Tokyo Electric says the containment vessel of reactor No. 1 may have developed a hole as big as three centimeters in diameter eighteen hours after the quake. In reactor No. 2, the containment vessel may have developed a hole as wide as ten centimeters. The hydrogen explosion, four days after the disaster began, may have led to the formation of a second hole in reactor No. 2, as wide as ten centimeters in diameter. A hole in the reactor’s containment vessel means there is a high probability of the leakage of radioactive material into the reactor building.

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Tornado Destroys 20-35 Percent of City

By Jeronima Nix

 Last night a half mile long tornado hit the city of Joplin, Missouri. The town had about a twenty minute warning before the tornado struck said Mitch Randles from the Joplin Fire Department during a news conference. Whole blocks were cleared of any houses and any houses left were left crushed by trees. Eighty-nine people were confirmed dead, with hundreds injured. As rescue teams are deployed, the total of casualties is said to rise. A Red Cross worker says that the tornado hurled debris as far as seventy miles away. The high school, the hospital, a couple of fire stations, and a strip mall were all left in pieces. 

 Hospitals and schools were completely destroyed. CNN stated that health records from one of the hospitals were found miles away. St. John’s Regional Medical Center was hit directly and suffered significant damage. The hospital was treating 183 people when the storm struck. It was unclear if any were injured in the storm. The patients were taken to hospitals as far away as Springfield, Missouri, and northwest Arkansas.

Zach Tusinger, twenty-six, an attorney in Joplin, lost his aunt and uncle in the tornado. They lived five blocks from St. John’s Hospital. “Everybody’s going to know people who are dead,” he says. “You could have probably dropped a nuclear bomb on the town and I don’t think it would have done near as much damage as it did.”

Governor Jay Nixon called in one hundred forty National Guard Troops and state officials to help assess and rescue people from the damage. The critical issue with rescuing is the fact that all electricity in Joplin is gone. There is barely any contact to and from the city. Although there is small hope for the city, one thousand law enforcement officers from forty different agencies in four states are aiding in the disaster response.

As the hours tick away officials are scrambling to assess the situation as quickly as possible to ensure no one is missed and lives are saved. More news on the city will be reported as Joplin continues to pick up the pieces left after the devastation. To see videos of people’s reactions at the time of the tornado you can go to

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Iceland Volcano Eruption

By Jeronima Nix

Over the weekend, Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority warned Monday, that the volcanic ash from an Icelandic eruption could reach British airspace Tuesday, sooner than previously predicted. 

The ash forced the closure of Icelandic airspace over the weekend, raising the specter of the kind of disruption of trans-Atlantic and European air travel that took place last year. But the CAA said new arrangements have been put in place since last year’s eruption of another Icelandic volcano that should reduce the number of flights that have to be canceled if the ash cloud spreads.

The main international airport in Iceland is expected to reopen at 6 p.m. (2 p.m. EDT) Monday, following the eruption of Grimsvotn over the weekend, according to a statement from Iceland air. There were no international flights in or out of the country on Sunday after Europe’s most active volcano began to erupt on Saturday.

Icelandic officials will reassess the situation Monday and hope to be able to reopen airspace, Keflavik International Airport. Scotland’s Loganair announced that all flights will be canceled Tuesday due to forecasts that indicate “a high density of ash will be present in large parts of Scottish airspace.” British Airways and Dutch airline KLM also canceled dozens of scheduled flights on Tuesday to and from locations in Scotland.

Not only did these fumes of ash affect Britain and Scotland flights, but it also affected our U.S. President and FC Barcelona. The eruption forced President Obama, who was in Ireland on Monday, to move up the departure for his next stop on a six-day European tour. FC Barcelona was also considering flying early to London for its Saturday match-up against Manchester United in the Champions League Final. Neither plans will continue as planned.

More information to be announced on Britain’s, Scotland’s, President Obama’s, and FC Barcelona’s plans in the coming days.

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Champions League Final: F.C. Barcelona vs. Manchester United

FC Barcelona VS Manchester United Picture

By Jeronima Nix

After ending their match against Real Madrid with a 1-1 tie, Barcelona had enough points to move on to the Champions League finals. Goals were scored by Barca player Pedro and Madrid player Marcelo. In a previous match between these two rivals, Barcelona won giving them an advantage for their next game. This game qualified them for their seventh Champions League final in club history; it takes them back to Wembley nineteen years after winning the title in the same place!

Coach Pep Guardiola had a short-lived celebration for the La Liga title before going straight back to work to strengthen the team for the Champions League final. Both teams have been training to their max to prepare themselves for what is sure to be an epic match.

FC Barcelona’s shirt for the Wembley final will bear a commemorative inscription across the chest: “Final London 2011. 28 de Maig-Wembley Stadium. FC Barcelona vs. Manchester United FC.” The shirt will also have the traditional Champions League logo on the right sleeve and the UEFA logo and the word “respect” on the left – the place where Barça wore the inscription as World Club Cup champions during the first half of the season.

Barcelona’s captain and defense player Puyol, has not played for three months now; Guardiola says that he has had personal training to be in tip top shape for the final. He played very well in the Real Madrid so he’s expected to be ready after continued personal training.

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Pep Guardiola: King Of League Titles

 Guardiola, King of League Titles

By Jeronima Nix

Recently, soccer team F.C. Barcelona won their game against Levante with a 1-1 tie. This tie was enough to keep F.C. Barcelona at the top with enough points to hold up his team’s third La Liga title. Leading them to victory was coach and former player Pep Guardiola. Guardiola has won, as a player and manager, nine of the eleven league titles that Barça has won over the last twenty years. Guardiola has now won twenty-five official trophies, ahead of Miguel Munoz, Real Madrid player and coach, who won twenty-three.

FC Barcelona has won eleven league titles in the last twenty years. Of these, eleven, Guardiola has played a big part in nine of them. As a first team player, Guardiola has won six league titles (1990/1991, 1991/1992, 1992/1993, 1993/1994, 1997/1998 and 1998/1999). The first four he won as a member of the Dream Team led by Johan Cruyff, while in the last two he was Barca’s captain in the team managed by Louis van Gaal. These six league titles can be added to the three consecutive titles he’s won since he took over as manager of the first team in June 2008. Three seasons, three league titles, a perfect record.

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Old Navy: Giving Back to the Environment

By Jeronima Nix

This week Old Navy has announced their initiative to go green! So, every day through this Saturday you can stop by an Old Navy store and drop a pair of flip flops in a box near the front of the store-it doesn’t matter if they’re dirty, broken, or very worn. The plan for the flip flops is to use them for materials for playgrounds. This event was created due to the partnership between trash-to-treasure eco company TerraCycle and Old Navy.

For those of you who want to bring in the old and come out with the new, Old Navy has a sale on $1 flip flops all day Saturday. While you’re at the mall this weekend, stop by Old Navy with your old flip flops and buy new ones while you’re at it. Give back to the environment and the community while gaining something back as well.

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New Al Qaeda Leader: Saif al-Adel

By Jeronima Nix

Earlier this week, officials said that a new Al Qaeda leader has been named. His name is Saif al-Adel. He is Egyptian, once a Special Forces officer, and strangely he was against the 9/11 attacks.  Reported to have already done some work for al Qaeda, Saif al-Adel was named caretaker upon Bin Laden’s death.

Not much information has been revealed about Saif’s intentions for the new leadership; however, what we do know is that Bin Laden’s death did not hinder Al Qaeda’s future plans on terrorism.

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Senior Block Party!!

 By Jeronima Nix 

Today during advisory our entire SENIOR class had a block party in the English Department, home of most senior homerooms. As the clock ticked away toward the end of third period, the seniors were getting antsy. As soon as the bell rang, seniors from every party of the school sprinted towards the English Department. A huge line was created within seconds.

The diversity of the class was shown in the wide variety of food served. From ice cream to flan, from empanadas to stuffed pasta shells, everyone had a chance to eat what suited them. All English teachers came out to celebrate along side their seniors. There were many other teachers there as well, including Mr. Werth, Mr. Lanphear, Mr. Green, Mr. Butler, and even Mr. Barr. Many pictures were taken to keep the memories of this one time great celebration.


Hey folks, don’t think we just did this on the fly. According to Mrs. Leclerc, the English teachers had been planning it for TWO weeks! We were able to get permission from Mr. Barr. Sources say that he gave us the permission mainly because he trusts our class to behave. 


Not only was everyone excited about the block party but there was a beautiful surprise once people got to the end of the line. It was Mrs. Caron serving the stuffed pasta shells; she was greeted with smiles and yells of “MRS. CARON!!” 


With a cake saying, “Congratulations Class of 2011” the block party was ended with laughs, cheers, and grief as we realized, besides Prom and the Block Island field trip, it was the last time the entire senior class would be together before graduation. To see how many days are left, check out “Brianna’s Countdown.”

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Prom Suspension: REVOKED

By Jeronima Nix

Congrats to James Tate! Due to the amount of media attention received for Tate’s banishment from prom, the principal decided to revoke his decision. News of this was published over the weekend after an interview with both James and Sonali on CNN.

The two are very excited that James is able to go. They knew that sooner or later administration would turn around because of the attention the ordeal received. They can now resume the usual senior prom worries about what shoes to wear and how to get to prom.

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